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This meticulously crafted 777-replica is made of manila folders

Your eyes might melt. 

My pal took a pic of his best buddy :3
Storage Solutions for Apartment Kitchens — Renters’ Solutions
Carolyn Purnell,
One of the most frequently lamented problems in a kitchen is a lack of storage, an issue that can be compounded when it’s a rental kitchen and you don’t have as many possibilities to customize it to your needs. Even when you can’t renovate, here a…
Ikea stuff
i thought i found a great backscratcher but it only made me more itchy ):
at last, wingtips to make me even more hipster
sangria popsicles. 
coconut tapioca pudding.
lemon cake with black tea frosting. 
plum & thyme iced tea. 
asparagus & prosciutto in puff pastry. 
balsamic & watermelon.